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The FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT SEMINAR for Medical Professionals for the South (Orlando or Houston) - Coming Early 2019

Specific details and location coming soon!

Reimbursement Rx is proud to bring The Financial Blueprint for Medical Professionals to Southern based medical residents, practicing physicians, and all healthcare professionals. Led by our founder and lead instructor Alexander Lakowsky MD, MBA.

About this seminar:

Our seminars educate and empower soon-to-be and established healthcare professionals on the business of medicine, from successfully negotiating and re-negotiating fair contracts with medical groups to running a private practice and everything in between. We teach how to take advantage of being a physician, NP, or a PA in a time when healthcare professionals are in demand across the US! 

Any healthcare professional (MD, DO, DPM, NP, PA) or graduating resident or fellow will greatly benefit from attending this seminar, and will leave empowered and educated to take control of their future career in medicine. 

Central Topics:

- The current state of affairs of medical financial reimbursement.
- Health Insurance + Medicare Contracting
- HMO + Foundation Contracting
- Contracting SMARTER as a healthcare professional.
- RVUs and CEOs: Why hospital CEOs make so much money!
- Comparing Money Flows:
- The money flow of working for a medical group or organization.
- The money flow of working for a private practice. 

- An Introduction to and Detailed Explanation of Medical Billing and Coding
- Specialty-Specific Billing Examples
- Explanation of ICD-10 Diagnoses and CPT Service Codes
- Billing for Primary Care (Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatrics)
- Basic Office Visits and Levels of Service
- Billing for Office Procedures, Physical Examinations, and Counseling
- Billing for Hospitalist Medicine:
- Admissions and Follow-up + 0% overhead billing.
- Procedures in Hospitals - How very few hospitals do them anymore.
- Billing for Specialists:
- Explanation of Office-based & Hospital-based Coding
- Answering the big question: Is it still possible to build a strong private practice? (w/ Examples + Tools)

Registration includes:

  • a comprehensive manual that follows along a total of 8 hours of lecture, Q&A sessions, and open discussion.

  • *Refreshments and LUNCH during the seminar.*