Why Reimbursement Rx?


It's unfortunate, but we have found that most new & established physicians:


- Don’t feel confident enough to properly negotiate their contracts. -

- Don’t fully comprehend the medical compensation system and end up NOT being compensated fairly and correctly. -

- Advocate very well on behalf of their patients, but struggle to advocate well for themselves. -

- Grow to feel like they are being "used" and being taken advantage of by the system, reducing job satisfaction. - 

This is why after years of experience seeing how complicated the business of medicine really was for physicians, Dr. Lakowsky founded Reimbursement Rx to help them succeed by empowering physicians to take control of their futures through knowledge.

WATCH: Dr. Lakowsky discussing his experience in medicine and how that led to Reimbursement Rx!

Reimbursement Rx - By Doctors, For Doctors

Not tied to ANY medical group, insurance, or pharmaceutical interests, Reimbursement Rx's sole aim is to help doctors seek transparency and clarity with their own reimbursement and compensation, and the business of medicine as a whole.

We want to achieve complete and total transparency for physicians in healthcare reimbursement and healthcare compensation. Our aim is for all doctors to:

Understand how the medical compensation system works. ✓

Be able to use their knowledge to be compensated correctly and fairly. ✓

Have a happy and fulfilling work-life and high job satisfaction treating patients! ✓