Medical Practice Consulting



From contract negotiation to practice management, we take a holistic approach to medical practice consulting. 


Reimbursement Rx are NOT just business consultants or "market" specialists. We are a team of practicing physicians who actually see and treat patients every day, just like you. Reimbursement Rx truly understands the medical system and we can show you how any medical practice can be run and managed successfully. 


What We Do

Evaluate Your Medical Practice


We review your EOBs, expenses, and staff and administrator salaries and offer on site visits so that we can evaluate and see first hand what is happening in your practice. With our unique perspective on running and managing medical practices, we provide you with an honest assessment of your practice and show you how to make it more efficient and more profitable without compromising patient care.

Negotiate Your Contracts


Most practices find contract negotiation to be the most confusing and nerve-wracking part of running a medical practice. Reimbursement Rx reviews existing and new contracts to negotiate (or re-negotiate) your practice's contracts so that you have the best deals possible in place. 

Optimize For Future Success


We provide real answers and solutions for your practice to help you optimize the management of your practice by increasing reimbursement and top-line revenue while retaining quality of care and keeping costs under control. 


For details and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us!