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Our live webinars offer residents and doctors a (free!) introduction to understanding the business of medicine.

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An explanation of the flaws in the medical compensation system today, and why big hospitals and organizations don't want to talk about it.

How money changes hands in healthcare and how doctors are paid (RVUs, work RVUs, tiered RVUs, etc...)

Medical Billing and Coding 101 - An introduction and quick tips on what ALL practicing physicians should know. 

How doctors are affected by the current compensation system, and what doctors can do to take advantage. 

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Our webinars give anyone a chance to ask us a question related to the business of medicine. Each webinar will have a dedicated Q&A time where anyone ask us a question live, OR you can click the button below to submit a question to us and we will do our best to address it at the next webinar.  



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Webinars are hosted on Youtube Live. There are no fees or login requirements to join! 

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