The Financial Blueprint Seminar for Medical Professionals


Created by doctors for doctors, this seminar teaches EVERYTHING healthcare professionals need to take control of their financial futures practicing medicine, including:

Negotiating Better Contracts ✓

Billing & Coding CORRECTLY for Services ✓

Maximizing Compensation & Job Satisfaction ✓

Succeeding as an Employed OR Independent Medical Practitioner ✓

What physicians have been saying about The Financial Blueprint Seminar for Medical Professionals...

Great seminar! Learned a lot about RVUs. Great speakers! Very professional. Glad I attended.
Great seminar for established physicians and especially for residents/new graduates. Many opportunities for questions which was very helpful. Overall very helpful program which was delivered in an easy to understand manner.
This is exactly what doctors need to know!

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About Our Seminars

Our Financial Blueprint seminars empower our students to make the right decisions, get compensated fairly as doctors, and stay ahead in the ever changing world of medical reimbursement.

We explain in great detail how medical organizations, hospitals, and individual doctors get paid while uncovering the complexity of medical insurance reimbursement. Our seminars reveal the major flaws of the medical system and teach how to avoid the common mistakes doctors make when signing contracts.

Central Topics


Overview of the Financial Flow Chain of Medicine

Understanding How Medical Insurance/HMO Contracts Work

How Hospitals and Private Practices Make Money

Explanation of the Medical Billing + Coding System (across many different medical specializations including Primary Care, Cardiology, Pulmonary, GI, and many more.)

Qualified Doctor Instructors


Reimbursement Rx Seminars are taught by a small group of doctors who have started and successfully run their own medical practices and are eager to pass along their hard-earned knowledge to the current and next generations of physicians. 

Intended Audience


The seminars are intended for training and established medical professionals, from later year medical residents and fellows looking to make the right financial decisions as they embark on becoming practicing physicians to seasoned professionals looking to increase their understanding of the financial side of medicine (and their income!). Any postgraduate health care professional (MD, DO, DPM, NP, PA) will benefit from attending a seminar at any stage of his or her career. 

Seminar Details


Our seminars are one-day and two-day events that combine lecture with Q&A to give an intensive and holistic overview and understanding of the business of medicine. Seminar sessions run from 9AM-3PM on both Saturday and Sunday for a total of 12 hours of lecture and Q&A sessions. 



Our seminars are given year-round in many different metro areas across the US. Sign up to our email newsletter to stay updated on announcements about future seminars.